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Adjustments and manipulation

Patients in need of chiropractic care typically suffer from a misalignment of the spine. This is most effectively treated by performing a series of manipulations or adjustments to the vertebrae. Generally, chiropractors “align” your vertebrae while “manipulating” the joints. There are many different kinds of adjustments we make, here are a few:
Adjustments are usually performed by hand. The function of an adjustment is to restore misplaced bone structures to their normal positions, thus re-establishing normal pathways for the nerve tracts and fibers so nervous system performance can improve. This in turn promotes healing.
  • Using an instrument called an activator; we can specifically target subluxations and determine where exactly to make our adjustments
  • We invoke lumbar side adjustments while you lie on your side
  • Similar to massage work, we use pressure for release work
  • Involving a combination of physical movement and a section of the chiropractic table, we make “table” adjustments
We make sure you receive the right treatment for your ailments by employing dozens of different techniques. We will customize a treatment plan specific to your needs. Please contact our chiropractors today to schedule an appointment or free consultation in Thomasville, NC.

Client testimonials

"I had a pain that was running down my leg, with numbness in the foot and ankle. The medical doctor prescribed me muscle relaxers which didn’t seem to work. Then a friend recommended chiropractic. So after going to the chiropractor he found the source of the problem, which was pressure on my sciatic nerve. After a regiment of adjustments I have felt great improvement." - Joeslyn S.

"There was so much pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and lower back and none of the usual pain-killers was touching the pain. So I decided to try chiropractic. And after several treatments the pain in stiffness was gone and I no longer have to take pain-killers. Finding the right doctor makes all the difference." - Joetta M.

"I was suffering from tension and pain in my neck, until a friend referred me to Dr. Kris. He helped to relieve the tension and pain in my neck and now I’m able to move my neck side to side. The improvement has been tremendous and I have gained so much from using chiropractic." - Betty G..
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