Chiropractic treatment in Thomasville, NC that you can trust

Our team at Health One Chiropractic values you as our patient and cares about your health. Providing the highest levels of chiropractic expertise to improve your current condition, we will take the time to talk things through, know your goals and objectives and optimize your health and wellness in Thomasville, NC.
When you’re in pain, we know that time is precious; you need relief and you need it fast! At Health One Programs we will help you quickly regain an active, pain-free and healthy lifestyle so you can live and feel your best.
Well known for treating back pain, whiplashes, headaches, car accident injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr. Kris offers Lexington, Archdale, Thomasville and High Point chiropractic services. Since 2000 we’ve helped thousands of your Thomasville neighbors improve symptoms and overall health; now let us help you! Call us today to make an appointment or for a free consultation.

Client testimonials

"I had headaches almost every day so severe they required me to go to bed. No doctor or headache medicine would touch the pain I was having. Thankfully I heard about Dr. Kris. He aligned my neck, which had been broken 25 years ago, and nothing had seemed to correct the pain until that alignment, now I feel great! This has given me more flexibility, and it has been a long time since I broke 100 in golf but after seeing Dr. Jonasson I have shot in the 90’s and when it gets warm I am going to make it to the 80’s." - Steve L.

"The terrible pain in my neck and shoulders was preventing me from raising my arm. The doctor and therapist would only suggest surgery. After speaking to a friend, they recommended I get a second opinion and try a chiropractor. Thankfully I did because now I can use my arm in ways that I couldn’t in years! I sleep all night now without waking up to take pain medication. If I would have listened to the medical doctor and went through the surgery, I don’t think the pain would have left like it has with chiropractic care. I believe you should always get a second opinion before deciding on surgery. Dr. Kris is honest, up front and if he tells you he can help you he will." - Cathy R.

"I was in constant pain. I could barely do much of anything. I was taking Hydrocodone three times a day, rubbing with joint pain cream and nothing seemed to help. I read an article about Dr. Kris and how he could offer me a pain free life. After seeing him I am better and no longer taking Hydrocodone. If you are having back problems, I highly recommend Dr. Kris Jonasson. You will feel like a new person." - Cora T.
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